Flora and fauna observation is the main visitor activity within and around the national Park.

There are many tours that will take you around in a jeep in which you can see elephants and different animals in their natural habitat.

Because of potential human animal interaction, hiking is strictly prohibited among visitors.

However, because there are so many guided tours at your disposal you’ll be more than happy with the type of treatment you receive.

Additionally, there are observation towers located at different stations so you can enjoy viewing all the different wildlife with ease.

The lower Himalayan peaks form different grass lands that are littered with ponds. These ponds are a central water that attract a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Luckily, an interpretation center is being set up at the heart of Kaziranga in order to help international visitors learn more about the park and its rich history.

There are four tourist lodges outside of the park and three lodges directly inside the park that are maintained by the government of Assam. There are also private resorts available within the outskirts of the parks borders.

Because of an increase in tourist flow there has been an influx of necessary money that has bolstered the economic development of the park and of the people that live around the park.

This is one of the main reasons why tourism is extremely important so that the park remains a sustainable and viable institution.

Recent surveys have shown that tourists appreciate the rhino sightings most and this has led to greater awareness and support.

Because of its notoriety Kaziranga has been mentioned in several books, documentaries and popular songs. The first documentary was aired in 1961 and became an international success overnight.

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